Sex in High school- a responds to jmmurphy

January 28, 2006

    I agree with you that it is getting crazy how much the government restricts what we do, but I also feel that some sort of age limit should be put on kids having sex.  I feel this way because I truly feel that people obay the law to some extent.  Even though there are plenty of kids ignoring this law, I think that if the law did not exist maybe twice or three times the amount of kids under 17 years old would be having sex!  That’s just my opinion.

      I also strongly agree with you that kids need much further education on sex than what they are recieving in their schools.  I can remember the “sex education” section of health class when I was in school and it was so awful I don’t think anyone learned anything.  Instead I think everyone was just scared of sex.  And I definately don’t think the purpose of educating kids about sex should be to scare them away from it, that’s just not healty.  So, further education along with the law sounds like it would help the problem of so many kids under the age of 17 having sex and getting pregnant.


Calvin Klein models an playboy magazines

January 23, 2006

    In response to the first lecture of week two, I feel that the four children posing in underwear for a Calvin Klein ad is slightly innapropriate.   Children of that age do not have the abillity to make good decisions about whether or not they want to be posing in their underwear for the world to see.  Therefore, the parents chose to pose the children half naked for the ad.  This is morally wrong because the kids may grow up to have regrets about having posed like that for everyone to see.  Having said that, I do not think that this picture was pornographic.  It showed no sexual suggestion.  Like the casa blanka test, I know it when I see it, and this isn’t it. 

    I agree that defining pornography is difficult.  In fact, I didn’t realize how differently pornography can be defined by people until recently.  A few nights ago I was bartending and a man had a playboy magazine with him.  He was leafing through it with another man at the bar and surprisingly with a woman too.  They were all enjoying themselves and were giggling together.  I said that we do not allow pornography at the bar.  One of the men stopped what he was doing and just looked at me for a moment like I was crazy and then he said, “Playboy isn’t porn!” and then he laughed.  Then the group started agreeing and talking about how a Playboy magazine is not pornographic because there is no sex in there.  I was sort of surprised by this because, though I had never put much thought into it, I had always considerred porn to be any sort of suggestive poses and nudity. 

   It is hard to define pornography and I look forward to learning what other people consider to be pornographic material.

It’s all about me ;)

January 22, 2006

Hello everyone!  I am a student at UB.  I recently transferred here from a community college in Auburn, NY.  I am from Seneca Falls, NY.  I live in North Tonawanda now, and I am enjoying my time here at UB.  I chose this class because the title interested me.  I had never taken a class that had anything to do with the subject of porn.  Also, this class appealed to me beacause it is an internet course and I can easily fit it into my schedule.

Introducing myself to blogging

January 21, 2006

Hi, this is my first time blogging.  I am just checking it out right now.  Have a good day.

Hello world!

January 20, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!