Who screwed up here?

It doesn't seem to have been a bad thing that the number of children involved in child pornography or the amount of money made by the child porn business was blown way out of proportion by activists.  It would be a bad thing if the opposite happened, if everyone was hiding and ignoring what was going on.  The law made it so child porn was illegal, and the swiftness of that could be thanks to the incorrect numbers put out there by activists.  So, thank you.

Also, I was wondering something.  Back in the 70's when child porn was somewhat legal and people were purchasing it and, quite possibly, acting on it, did they think it was ok.  I mean, did they think that morally it was ok and that it was just a wierd fedish because it was legal to buy?  And now that the laws have changed, do they now realize what they may have done immorally and regret every second of it?  Or do they hold no regrets and feel that they have done absolutely nothing wrong?

It's a very sad thing to me that a human instinct, a human need for sex can go so wrong in some people.  It is so distrurbing that some people turn this loving healthy desire for sex into a twisted, horrible need for sex with a child.  And that this drive is so strong in these people that they would go to such lengths as to break the law and even damage a youngster for life, or even kill them.  Where did mother nature go wrong?  Or is it society?  Who went wrong and where?


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