Main street on the web

I felt that Senetor Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas spoke very well and convincingly about her bill to protect children from purchasing and stumbling onto pornography on the internet.  She was dead on when she said that parents should be the front line of defense, but can not always be there to provide the supervision that is necessary.  Unfortunately, some parents also just don't care, or are totally naive to the idea that their child would ever even try to find porn on the internet.  That is why Sen. Blanch Lincoln's bill sounds like the perfect solution.  The technology is already available to do age verification.  The pornography industry makes so much money that to pay for this software wouldn't even hurt their profit. 

I can see why some pornography industries wouldn't want to do this.  One reason being that they don't want to pay for it, and another reason being that they wouldn't want to lose business from the people who are minors.  But, even considering both of these things, the pornography industry is so huge as it is that they'd still make billions of dollars.  It should be a law that the porn industries provide age verification software.


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