Kill who?

I don't know if any of you have actually seen the movie "Kill Bill", I am sure some of you have, and you know that it is not exactly the least violent movie you'll ever see.  In fact it's just the oppisite, it is a very violent movie.  I think there are much worse scenes in that movie than the scene at the beginning of the lecture where everyone is swearing.  I was surprised to hear that that clip was banned from the introduction of the movie Kill Bill.  That's considerred indecent compared to that movie?  Not in my book.

I was talking about this class and that lecture with my dad and he has seen the movie.  And, to my surprise, he felt the exact opposite than what I felt.  He suggested, and I now sort of agree, that the movie had indecent scenes, yes, but it told a story.  It had substance, and the vulgarity of some of the scenes illustrated the story very well.  On the other hand, showing a clip of famous people, not acting in roles, swearing is tasteless and pointless.  It does not tell a story, it does not serve a point, it is classless and tactless and it should not be aired before a movie. 

The point is, everyone has a different idea about what exactly is "too far", but when something that might otherwise be seen as indecent is used for entertainment, it is not so indecent. 


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