models acting obscene

While watching the lectures on obscenity, and learning about how the definition is fuzzy and therefore there is often self sensorship in order to avoid trouble, I can't help but think back to a program I watched last night.  "America's Next Top Model" is a reality show designed to find a model.  A bunch of girls compete by doing photo shoots and what not, and each week one girl is eliminated until one girl is left standing.  I have seen this show a few times and while watching these beautiful women, wearing small clothes I am wondering where the line is drawn.  One girl is told to pose as a sexy nurse with a male patient, and she does.  But, halfway through her shoot the photographer tells her to bring it down a notch because her poses are getting to "men's magazine" for the shoot.  Now, I had thought that all the poses were racey, and seductive.  So who's to say at what point her poses had become too obscene?  This is a very fuzzy area.  The model thought that none of her poses were obscene.  And because of her lack of self sensorship she may be the next girl to go home.  So, it is tough to decide where that line is drawn, and when you are not sure where that line is, it's best to stay as far away from it as possible because it could cost you.


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