trafficking women

In response to the reading in chapter 2 by Hughes, I was very surprised to read that so many women and children were being trafficked in the U.S.  One thing I am a little confused about is the birde service.  If a woman is forced into the bride service company and then sold to a man as his wife, how can this man parade around town with this woman on his side as his “wife” without other people realizing that she is there against her will.  And if most of these women are very young, the same question applies.  It just doesn’t seem to be something that could be overlooked.  Maybe I misunderstood something. 

I don’t know anyone who has a mail order bride, and I don’t believe that I know someone who knows someone who has a mail order bride.  That is information that would spread rapidly in a community.  I have never heard of anyone having one, so where are all of these men? 

I see how technology ties in with pornography and how technology ties in with trafficking people, but what I am confused about is how trafficking people is linked to pornography.  Is it to be understood that the advertisements on the internet are considered to be porn, or is the the act of trafficking people itself that is to be considered pornography? 



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  1. Mike’s Blog » Blog Archive » A Response to the Post Entitled Trafficking Women (Week 3) Says:

    […]      I found the blog entry, called Trafficking Women by Catalina to be an interesting read.  It is weird to think about someone actually going about ordering themselves a bride over the internet.  Too me, it just seems like the last resort of a perpetually lonely person.  Marriage is supposed to be about love and respect; at least in our society this is supposed to be the case.  How can you love and respect a person whom you just ordered over the internet.      She brings up the question of how the trafficking of women over the internet is considered pornography.  That is a good question.  It really depends on how you view this.  Are the advertisements online considered pornography?  They might not be pornographic in nature, but what do these ads imply, and what are most of these men in it for?  The answer is sex.  In many cases, these lonely men are looking for sex.  I doubt that the main reason for forking over the cash to bring these women over here is to have a “trophy wife” to show off around town.  The advertisement itself may not be porn, but what it implies is definitely construed as a form of pornography.      […]

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