Sex in High school- a responds to jmmurphy

    I agree with you that it is getting crazy how much the government restricts what we do, but I also feel that some sort of age limit should be put on kids having sex.  I feel this way because I truly feel that people obay the law to some extent.  Even though there are plenty of kids ignoring this law, I think that if the law did not exist maybe twice or three times the amount of kids under 17 years old would be having sex!  That’s just my opinion.

      I also strongly agree with you that kids need much further education on sex than what they are recieving in their schools.  I can remember the “sex education” section of health class when I was in school and it was so awful I don’t think anyone learned anything.  Instead I think everyone was just scared of sex.  And I definately don’t think the purpose of educating kids about sex should be to scare them away from it, that’s just not healty.  So, further education along with the law sounds like it would help the problem of so many kids under the age of 17 having sex and getting pregnant.


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