It’s all about me ;)

Hello everyone!  I am a student at UB.  I recently transferred here from a community college in Auburn, NY.  I am from Seneca Falls, NY.  I live in North Tonawanda now, and I am enjoying my time here at UB.  I chose this class because the title interested me.  I had never taken a class that had anything to do with the subject of porn.  Also, this class appealed to me beacause it is an internet course and I can easily fit it into my schedule.


One Response to “It’s all about me ;)”

  1. Matthew L. Schwartz Says:


    This is Matt, one of the class T.A.’s/Raconteurs just wanting to welcome you to the class and the semester. I look forward to reading what you have to say on the course material and answering any questions you might have. You can always email me at or on AIM/Y!M at MetroCowboy84

    Good Luck & Welcome to COM497!


    Matthew L. Schwartz

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